The Network for a Health California - African American Campaign is a public health initiative designed to improve the health of the low-income African American community by offering education, tools and training for advocacy, and policy development on healthy eating and physical activity. Its purpose is to empower African American adult women, ages 18-54, and their families to consume the recommended levels of fruits and vegetables and be physically active every day at least 60 minutes for adults, children and teens. The Campaign is also charged to encourage food secure households by promoting participation in nutrition assistance programs.

The Campaign works with communities throughout the Gold Country Region (Sacramento, San Joaquin and Solano counties) to create environments where healthy eating and physical activity are socially supported and easy to do. Strategies for educating adults and youth through faith-based education programs, community festivals, media, retail, and public and private partnerships are being implemented. In addition, each region has a Regional Advisory Council that provides input and direction to the Campaign on its strategies and methods for reaching African Americans. The Advisory Council is a membership of concerned residents, community leaders, educators, ministers, nurses, doctors, and advocates. If you are interested in becoming part of the advisory committee please contact Cynthia Robinson @


(New!) The Northern District Baptist Association (NDBA) in collaboration with Sacramento's Faith Leadership Team (FLT), HEC's African American Campaign and American Heart Association strategized, planned and actualized a 90-day wellness challenge for church members of NDBA. Nine churches responded to our call to action; 58 church representatives were recruited; 32 consistently were active; 18 encountered improved change points; and 6 winners were recognized after fulfilling a long 12-week wellness challenge. The culminating event was truly awesome! Registered dietitian Michele Lites from Kaiser Permanente presented a wonderful interactive cooking demonstration; awards were given to winners who demonstrated significant changes in categories of weight, glucose and blood pressure. To find how how your church can take part, please contact Cynthia Robinson at 916-556-3344.

*This June a farm produce stand was unveiled in South Sacramento as The Network for a Healthy California - African American Campaign, Valley Hi South Sacramento Healthy Eating Active Living Zone and Kaiser Permanente joined forces to bring healthy back to the community.  Read the full story!

Photo courtesy of Sac Bee

Video: South Sacramento - Mack Road Farm Stand

Video: KCRA Channel 3 coverage of the event.

(New!)Check out this video highlighting some of the African American Campaign initiatives!

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