The Network for a Healthy California - Worksite Program is a statewide public health initiative that empowers low and middle-income working adults to consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and enjoy physical activity every day. The fruit and vegetable and physical activity objectives are designed to reduce the risks of chronic diseases, especially cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

The Worksite Program works with employers throughout California to:

  • Improve access to healthy foods and physical activity at workplaces.
  • Foster supportive work environments that encourage healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Establish public policies that bolster health promotion efforts at worksites.

How does the Worksite Program work?

The Worksite Program supports and partners with worksites throughout the Gold Country Region.  In an effort to help employers increase employee wellness and productivity, the Worksite Program has developed two components:  California Fit Business Kit and the Take Action! Employee Wellness Program .

Free technical assistance is available to help with the development, implementation, and evaluation of a customized Worksite Program. 

***NEW Check out the Gold Country Region Worksite Wellness Directory: These resources will help you create a healthier work environment for your employees.

California Fit Business Kit

The California Fit Business Kit contains nine components, all of which have been evaluated by a diverse mix of businesses from across the state. The tools are free and designed for use at any worksite.

Most importantly, the tools in this kit can help you create a workplace where healthy eating and physical activity become the norm among employees. The Kit includes:

 These tools can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive worksite wellness program.

Take Action! Employee Wellness Program

Consists of two free, flexible, 10-week employee wellness programs that encourage fruit and vegetable consumption and regular physical activity among employees while fostering teamwork and boosting morale.

In addition to the health benefits individual employees gain from participating in the program, the Take Action! 10 Week Plan can help businesses improve job performance and employee morale, lower absenteeism and turnover, reduce disability days, and lower medical costs.

Why Should Your Workplace Participate in the Worksite Program?

  • Companies that invest in worksite health promotion report a savings of over $3 for every $1 invested.
  • In 2005, physical inactivity, obesity, and overweight cost California an estimated $28 billion in health care, workers compensation, and lost productivity. A sizeable portion of this cost has been shouldered by employers.
  • Employees have been shown to be more productive in a workplace where they are encouraged to make healthy choices.

Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice!

Mai-Linh Tompkins

Is your worksite ready for a change?

Join the initiative today and help your business and staff move in the right direction toward better health!

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