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Valley Hi Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Zone Initiative of South Sacramento

Valley Hi HEAL Zone initiative aims to improve healthy eating and enable active living within the South Sacramento neighborhood of Valley Hi.  The vision of Valley Hi HEAL Zone is that by the end of the three-year initiative, people eat better and move more as part of daily life.  We will achieve this vision by increasing the opportunities for residents to engage in healthy behaviors and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices.  This project is funded by Kaiser Permanente and coordinated by the Health Education Council.

The Health Education Council has partnered with various key stakeholders including but not limited to:  Elk Grove Unified School District, People Reaching Out, Valley Hi Youth and Adult Coalition, Walk Sacramento, Center for Public Healthy Advocacy, JDS Corner Resources at Country Wood, Green Force Initiative of Cosumnes River College, city and county representatives, and other organizations to lead the South Sacramento HEAL Zone Initiative in Valley Hi.  

The vision of the South Sacramento HEAL Zone Initiative is people eat better and move more as part of daily life.

The four primary goals of the HEAL Zone Initiative are:
1)    Decrease calorie consumption (e.g. soda/sugar sweetened beverages, portion sizes, and snacking).
2)    Increase fruit and vegetable consumption.
3)    Increase physical activity in community settings (e.g. safe routes for walking and biking, parks, and joint use agreements).
4)    Increase physical activity in institutional settings (e.g. schools, after school, workplace).

The two components of the HEAL Zone Initiative strategies are:
1)    Community Infrastructure: This approach involves a systems change process in which the root causes of obesity and lack of physical activity are addressed through policy development, assessment of organizational practices, and improving the built environment to create a greater impact within the community of Valley Hi. 
2)    Community Education:  This approach involves educating the population in order to promote and transfer health education information to increase individual and collective skills and knowledge in a culturally appropriate way.  This strategy also aims to change community and social norms related to attitudes and perceptions of healthy eating and active living. 

For more information on obesity trends and how to address this national crisis visit:
Link: CA obesity prevention plan
Link: 2011 childrens report card Sac County

To learn more about the HEAL Zone Initiative or if you are interested in joining our efforts contact Fatima Malik, Program Coordinator or call 916.556.3344

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