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Community Collaboration

Invest Health Roseville

Invest Health Roseville is dedicated to improving the quality of life and community well-being in Downtown Roseville's core neighborhoods of: Roseville Heights, Cherry Glenn, and Thieles Manor, through projects that will result in positive health outcomes for residents of those neighborhoods. 

Invest Health Goals

Advisory Committee

Invest Health is guided by a diverse, cross-sector Advisory Committee composed of residents and members of the healthcare, education, business and govermnet sectors.

As one of ten Invest Health cities in the country, HEC serves as the lead organization for this multi-sector collaborative effort to improve the quality of life and community well-being in Downtown Roseville's core neighborhoods through projects resulting in positive health outcomes for residents of those neighborhoods.  The Invest Health Advisory committee meets monthly to leverage resources, partnerships and bring new investments to improve health. Prior to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, HEC worked closely with the City of Roseville and community residents to improve the safety and increase usability of Weber Park which is located within the downtown core neighborhoods.  

Because of COVID-19 stay-at-the-home order, the Invest Health Advisory Committee convened monthly stakeholder meetings virtually. Additionally, due to the longstanding partnership of Invest Health, the City of Roseville asked HEC to lead the Family Meal Roseville program, a free meal program which provided nearly 16,000 meals to low-income individuals and families in need within the City of Roseville between May and June 2020.  

4th Annual Invest Health Breakfast Forum May 20th, 2022

On Friday, May 20, 2022, the Health Education Council convened the Invest Health Stakeholder Breakfast. Over 75 people from local community-based organizations, healthcare and school representatives and businesses attended the event to hear how we are working together to create more equitable, healthy communities. Thank you to our ‘sister’ Invest Health Hartford, CT team, and Wellville initiative for sharing their progress in improving community wellbeing. If you would like to be added to the Invest Health Roseville email distribution list, please email Roxana Garcia-Ochoa at