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West Sacramento Accountable Communities for Health Initiative

West Sacramento Accountable Community for Health Initiative (W-SACHI) is a multi-sector alliance of health, local government, education, businesses, community-based organizations, and residents dedicated to promotion of health and well-being in West Sacramento. 

The W-SACHI Collaborative is currently gathering quantitative and qualitative data  through a Community Needs Assessment, Parks & Rec surveys, Park Equity Assessments and follow-up needs assessments to pin point the neighborhoods with the highest needs and their residents suggestions for solutions to meeting those needs.

HEC serves as a backbone organizer for this multi-sector alliance of health, local government, social services, and residents working to promote healthy, happy hearts. It brings together sector and community leadership to align systems/resources and to embed equity in a multi strategy approach to reduce West Sacramento’s high cardiovascular disease rates. 

Prior to the COVID-19 stay-at-home-order, the alliance supported of the passage of a city-wide flavored tobacco ban in West Sacramento. The Alliance also developed and implemented with resident engagement a Portfolio of Interventions focused on three areas; walkability, access to healthy food, and social connectedness. 

After COVID-19, the group established bi-weekly virtual collaborative check-ins to address COVID related issues in the city and county. This focus on addressing basic needs in the most vulnerable neighborhoods actualized the ACH’s commitment to health equity, providing COVID-19 information in multiple languages to at-risk populations and securing volunteers to assist with food deliveries in hard-hit neighborhoods.