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Family Wellness Fair

Nielsen Park, Sacramento

7596 Center Pkwy (corner of Tangerine)

May 10th 5pm - 8pm

May 11th 4pm-8pm


Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Come on out for a night at Nielsen Park

noun: trigger; plural noun: triggers
an event or circumstance that is the cause of a particular action, process, or situation.

Journey into the minds of young people who are struggling with issues far beyond their years. “Trigger” is an important conversation and experience that tells of the high levels of toxicity youth of color have in their lives. Diving into early childhood adversities and generational traumas such as Abandonment, Gun Violence, and Illness, meshed with Anxiety, Abuse and negative Self Image.

“Trigger” takes place during a self-care group, where six young individuals are challenged to remember and relive the painful events and experiences of their past. As the play develops it becomes apparent to everyone in the room what they all have in common, they are all victims of TRAUMA.

Written and directed by DeAngelo Mack and Local Area Youth. 


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