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What We Do


We help communities thrive.

With the right resources, knowledge and support, communities can build a strong foundation for health.

At HEC, we work to empower community members to build partnerships that support well-being in their neighborhoods. By aligning resources, increasing economic well-being, promoting safety and strengthening social connections, neighborhoods can improve health outcomes and help all residents to thrive. 

HEC's 2019 Impact Includes:

  • 72 communities impacted
  • 18,000 children and families served health education
  • 7,000 health screenings and referrals
  • 3,000 miles walked by over 300 Walk with Friends participants
  • 1,500 Spanish-speaking adults received financial education and coaching
  • 200 organizations and business collaborations
  • Over 50,000 of fresh produce distributed to low income families