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Community Safety


Safety, Health, Opportunity and Practice (SHOP)

SHOP was created to serve as a community resource aiming to improve academic outcomes, increase access to public health and social services, reduce disparities, increase communication and build resilience, and reduce negative encounters with law enforcement in distressed neighborhoods. 

Youth learn communication skills, anger management techniques, health and nutrition, stress reduction/coping mechanisms, job readiness, and gain exposure to opportunities such as internships and job shadowing. 

SHOP is a 6-week lesson and paid program. Youth participants will explore:  

  • You don't have to lie to kick it: combating peer pressure
  • Hands Up, Guns Down: de-escalation and conflict management
  • My Body Is My Gym: calisthenics/bodyweight training
  • Penny Pinching: personal finance
  • Check Your Yourself B4 You Wreck Yourself: anger management
  • It Takes a Village: community building

Students who complete the entire program without unexcused absences will receive up to a $200 stipend and 12 hours of community service!

Are you interested in joining SHOP?

Youth and young adults ages 16-21 in the Sacramento and Yolo Counties who have been directly affected by untreated mental illness, violence, poverty, homelessness, incarceration, or school failure are highly encouraged to apply. We are currently not accepting applications, but by completing this brief form, you will be notified when we begin to accept submissions again.

Now Accepting Applications for Youth Violence Prevention Commissioners!

The mission of Sacramento Youth Violence Prevention is to prevent youth violence by creating a true web of support for youth in Sacramento. Member organizations representing law enforcement, public health, education, health care and community organizations work to achieve documented improvements in criminal justice, health, and education outcomes among minority youth in Sacramento.

To learn more about the position, please click below.