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Neighborhood Safety

Safety, Health, Opportunity and Practice (SHOP)

HEC's Safety, Health, Opportunity & Practice (SHOP) Program aims to improve academic outcomes, increase access to public health and social services, reduce disparities, increase communication and build resilience and reduce negative encounters with law enforcement in distressed neighborhoods. Youth learn communication skills, anger management techniques, health and nutrition, stress reduction/coping mechanisms, job readiness, and exposure to opportunities such as internships and job shadowing.  

Before the COVID-19 stay-at-home-order, over 70 male and female youth who had experienced violence as either a victim and/or offender were recruited for the program. Youth entered this program through one of four participating high schools as well as through the Sacramento Youth Detention Facility and a variety of community-based programs. Youth received direct mentoring support, healing from trauma, skills for mediating conflict and opportunities to build positive relationships with teachers, community leaders and law enforcement. 

After COVID-19, the program transitioned to a virtual program with education offered via zoom and mentorship provided via phone, text and socially distanced visits.