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Who We Are



Our Mission

HEC Believes

Improving the health of those living in historically under-served neighborhoods is essential to a community’s overall health strategy. This takes community-wide collaboration and investment—of time, money, and resources—to provide key services and build the trust required to deliver them.

HEC leverages the power of collaboration to improve health outcomes in under-served communities.

Our Pillars

HEC Values

In our work and on our teams, we value:

  • Collaboration. We leverage the power of connection and engagement.
  • Diversity. We invite a variety of voices to the table.
  • Empowerment. We seek out and support community-led ideas.
  • Equity. We create inclusive, accessible, and effective solutions.
  • Trust. We build and nurture authentic relationships.

Our Work

HEC Supports

  • Health Access. Ensuring everyone has access to culturally relevant and supportive health programs and environments regardless of zip code.
  • Social Connection. Strengthening family and community connections in order to remove stigma and boost support related to addressing mental and physical health issues.
  • Economic Well-Being. Building sustainable economic foundations for individuals, families, and small businesses as a foundation of community health.
  • Community Safety. Improving community safety and connectedness to revitalize neighborhoods and gathering points that drive increased health and well-being.
  • Wellness Education. Providing free resources and tools to increase understanding of priority health conditions and cultivate healthier behaviors to combat them.