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Comprehensive Wellness Support for Mexican Co-Nationals

The Bi-National Week of Health is annual week of activities and events to promote wellness to Mexican and American co-nationals residing in Northern California. The events were administered from the Mexican Consulate with a number of events being led and supported by members of the HEC team. For example, visitors to the Consulate were invited to Walk with Friends, which promotes physical activity and social connection. HEC also led workshopson mental wellness, financial education, and nutrition. The week concluded with Celebrando Nuestra Salud (Celebrating Our Health) where our staff provided resources on healthy eating, physical activity, and more.

Program Coordinator Nora Rodriguez said, “The highlights of the Binational week of health were the COVID vaccines, osteoporosis exams, and eye exams, where they received their free glasses. Most of the participants do not have health insurance and are low-income, so these events are a great way to ensure they receive the tools needed to live a healthier life.”