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Safety, Health, Opportunity and Practice (SHOP)

HEC's Safety, Health, Opportunity & Practice (SHOP) Program promotes equity in Sacramento through violence prevention activities that bring together youth and community leaders. SHOP helps participants build mentoring relationships and a positive social network that they can rely on.  SHOP's multi-session curriculum focuses topics such as access to resources, financial literacy, education, safety, and social emotional connection.  

S.H.O.P. 8-Week Summer Program (June 8th - August 7th)

S.H.O.P. 8-week summer program offering paid internships to completed projects related to financial literacy. 25 Seats Available

Students will benefit from:

  • Network of mentors to help you find employment, if desired.

  • Learn about the several different ways to earn income.

  • Understanding credit management and budgeting


8-Week Summer Program

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